About Us

Smart Clipping 24 is an internet based outsourcing organization which is situated in the emerging Asian economic reason; where it is geologically and technologically opportune with low cost. As a consequence; we can provide all kinds of graphic editing services like clipping path, multi clipping path, image masking, background removal, Retouch/Image Editing, Shadow Creation, Raster to Vector and other image editing related professional services at your limit in all around the world.

We have a group of 30+ Full time highly skilled graphics design professionals with several years of experience in the field of clipping path with (original shadow, reflection shadow, soft shadow, drop shadow, multi paths, complex paths, color separation), image masking with (Fur and Hair Masking, Translucent Masking, Transparent Masking, Alpha Channel Masking and color correction masking), images colorization, raster to vector, photo retouching, web design. 

We feel proud to serve our customers 24*7*365 a days. Our team is divided into 3-shift to operate 24 hours a day, so we can provide best quality graphic editing work for your satisfaction at your convenience. 

We have technologically powerful-end; from where our skilled graphics design professionals can provide best quality graphics production through high speed optical fiber connectivity, full featured web server and all known updated software. 

Where we are: 

Smart Clipping 24 production site is situated at a low labor cost region in Bangladesh. Smart Clipping 24anagement team also located at the same place so that the management and production team can synchronizes the work and working team to provide the best quality customer services and high quality support even after the job is finished. 

Why Choose Smart Clipping 24?

⇒ Having good reputation for a long time
⇒ 30+ Skill Graphic Hand
⇒ 5+ Quality Controller
⇒ High Speed Internet Connection
⇒ Three Shifts Duty Plan
⇒ 1000 Images Processing Capability Each Day!!!
⇒ Easy and flexible ordering system, including upload/ download files
⇒ Two times Quality check with our best QC’s (Quality Controller)
⇒ Tight Turnaround Time
⇒ No Need to Pay before Get Job
⇒ Secure FTP ID & Password for each Client
⇒ Urgent Delivery (1h, 3h, 6h, 12h & 24 hours)
⇒ Guaranteed confidentiality & security for images
⇒ We are always available on Sunday/Christmas or any festival